Council Code Of Conduct

pdfCouncillor Code of Conduct - Signed.pdf1.18 MB


1. Governance and Administration

pdf1.1 Community Communication.pdf179.85 KB

pdf1.2 Customer Service Charter188.14 KB

pdf1.3 Customer Complaint Handling189.43 KB

pdf1.4 Credit Card policy.pdf157.56 KB

pdf1.5 Resources for Councillors (293.32 kB)

pdf1.6 Annual Community Grants Program.pdf181.54 KB

pdf1.7 Councillor Conference Attendance, Professional Development and Extra Meeting Allowance133.61 KB

Policy 1.8 Rescinded at Ordinary General Meeting 16th August 2016

Policy 1.9 Rescinded at Ordinary General Meeting 20th September 2016

pdf1.10 Purchasing Policy.pdf211.96 KB

pdf1.11 Rates and Charges.pdf205.21 KB

pdf1.12 Meetings of Council Policy.pdf307.32 KB

pdf1.12.1 Councillor Workshop Policy (295.2 kB)

pdf1.13 Privacy Policy.pdf(129.03 KB)

pdf1.14 Employees Gifts and Benefits.pdf(133.26 KB)

pdf1.15 Elected Members Gifts and Benefits.pdf(158.47 KB)

pdf1.16 Recruitment And Probation (292 kB)

pdf1.17 Caretaker Policy.pdf163.32 KB

pdf1.18 Casual Councillor Vacancies Policy.pdf139.71 KB

pdf1.19 Asset Management Policy.pdf128.43 KB

pdf1.20 Delegations Register Policy.pdf186.94 KB

pdf1.21 Use of the Common Seal148.29 KB

pdf1.22 Elected Members Conflict of Interest145.67 KB

pdf1.23 Working from Home Policy.pdf125.45 KB

pdf1.24 Public Benefit Concessions Policy .pdf

pdf1.25 Shared Services Policy.pdf162.70 KB

pdf1.26 Sufficient Interest in the Assessment Record Policy.pdf 123.69 KB

pdf1.27 Breach of Code of Conduct.pdf256.55 KB

pdf1.29 Confidential Business and Information.pdf109.57 KB

pdf1.30 Chief Executive Officer Code of Conduct880.69 KB

 pdf1.31 Terms of Reference - Risk Management Audit Committee 2022-01-19

2. Finance and Accounting 

pdf 2.1 Investment (271.54 kB)

pdf 2.2 Fees and Charges .pdf

pdf 2.3 Annual and Ten Year Budgets (247.17 kB)

pdf 2.4 Borrowing Policy (262.42 kB)

pdf2.5 Statement of Significant Accounting Policies.pdf148.28 KB

pdf 2.6 Surplus Funds (260.33 kB)

pdf 2.7 Fraud Protection Policy (451.19 kB)

pdf 2.8 Financial Reserves Policy (264.42 kB)

pdf 2.9 Stock Take.pdf(72.13 KB)

pdf 2.10 Asset Disposal Policy.pdf(96.45 KB)


3. Employees 

pdf3.3 Smoke Free Workplace and Community Policy.pdf1.19 MB

pdf3.5 Equal Employment Opportunity (308.5 kB)

pdf3.19 Employment Statement Policy.pdf158.74 KB


4. Community Amenities and Recreation

pdf4.1 Batchelor Swimming Pool.pdf79.51 KB

pdf4.2 Coomalie Bush Cemetery.pdf151.64 KB

pdf4.3 Coomalie Council Community Bus.pdf187.73 KB

pdf4.4 Annual Community Recognition.pdf50.44 KB


5. Operations 

pdf5.1 Subdivision Development of Unzoned Land.pdf147.95 KB

pdf5.2 Emergency Preparedness and Response Policy.pdf159.68 KB

Policy 5.3 Rescinded at Council Meeting 16th June 2020 Resolution 16/06/2020/016

pdf5.4 Parks and Gardens Policy.pdf238.86 KB

pdf5.5 Roads Policy.pdf211.25 KB